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Ok OCN, i need some help this time...

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Ok, ill start off by saying hello everyone

my father has been having some problems lately with his computer, the easiest way to explain it seems to be explaining that about every 3 months, the computer will crash and the whole windows partition is erased, including his user info and documents. Now after this happens windows will no longer boot even after writing a new boot sector, its still bsod's. The past few times this has happened i formatted and reinstalled windows and ran a drive fitness check, it was at 98% and seem to be running strong, however on one ocasion after this i had to replace the whole hdd, yet it continues to do this after replacing the hdd.

Would the motherboard have anything to do with this?

Mobo is a : Foxconn a74mx AM2+ motherboard
hdd is a : Seagate st3250410aj

My best assumption is that the motherboard is causing the problem somewhere, the drivers are always correctly installed after the new windows installations too....

hmmmm, any suggestions?

Sorry if my writing above seems a bit jumbled, i just got home from a hard days work to find a non-working pc :/
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bad mobo...bad psu...either could be killing your hardware.
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Hmmm. I'd replace the mobo and the HDD, those are the most likely culprits IMO. Strange to have a consistent behavior of the HDD partition being completely erased. I doubt the HDD took the time to zero it out, my guess is that a small part of the drive is being corrupted, causing the whole partition to look like junk.

You should also make sure the machine has a decent PSU, just in case.
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the machiene has a decent psu, its an Ultra 600 watt, i dont remeber the specific name of it because i peeled the sticker off, stupid me lol but i think its an x3 sli edition....

yea my guess is the motherboard, it has always been a little finicky, if it helps its got a phenom 9500 x4 in it but it has had the problem since the old cpu, athlon 64 x2 5400

its funny because right after i run the drive fittness test when it crashes it says the drive is fit but the files are corrupted, and like i said i can recover them.....hmmm
I would also check RAM, as this could lead to file corruption.
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Ok, im running memtest as we speak, will post back with results..

Originally Posted by heelsparky0501
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Ok, im running memtest as we speak, will post back with results..

There is a memory test that comes with Windows that you can run before the OS boots up, I think MemTest has something similar. I highly recommend taking this extra step just to be sure, for months I was having BSODs that seemed like it might be the RAM, but MemTest would run hours just fine, until I ran the Microsoft version of a memory test during boot up, then it founds issues every time I ran the test, and found the issues within minutes.
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Another simple test, is to use QuickPAR for MEM testing.

Either attempt to repair a file, or great a set of par's. It will test memory before creating the parity files.

If there is an issue, it not recover the damages files, always saying, need xx pars. It's a quick and dirty test. Reliable? .. I would have said so, considering what its doing.
Ok, i the memort passes all test as above, do you think i should replace the mobo?
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