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Old 24/7 sever.. cheap [email protected] recommendations needed!r

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I have a old server running somewhere in the spare room
.. It has a olde P4 640 (3.2G HT).. and an agp(x8) port lol!!

(I also have a spare dell board with a PCie x8 lane? which i suppose i could move it onto?)

So my question is, most of the day this comp. is not doing much, so i might as well get it folding, cheaply, full time!..

So do i go for a cheap AGP card (3870/3850??) or try and find something compatible with the x8 laned motherboard?

(As a side note, just seen 4670's going for like.. 60 quid =0.. but unsure if this would work in the pcie x8??).. Hmmmz!

Recommendations please!!

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Yes 4670 runs at 8X.
Your problem with the Q9650 and P5Q pro it's just like mine. I think is not the 400FSB but at 400 it runs at 1600 FSB the motherboard max FSB!
It's sad but true... I have mine at 400x9 3,6GHz.
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Last night when i was reading around i read something about them not fitting in a x8 lane..?

=( Perhaps it is just the P5Q pro? Would love to hear from someone with a deluxe version or a better gigabyte board..OR.. X48? lol! But until then 3.6Ghz with air wil have do lol! =(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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