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As of Late I have a few people ask about running older games with windows XP and they want work.
Back in the day games ran at 16 bit and not 32 and here is the problem. Windows xp is 32 bit where as 95,98,ME ran at 16 bit.
Here is a few programs that will let you run older games within XP, but the game will think it's running in DOS

The first is DOS box. This is the start of older game, game play.


Now that you have dosbox here is another program that will add configuration wizards to get you up and running ever faster.


I hope this will help a few people get there game play on with there older games that are not in use any more and have fun

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Well, it's a little more complicated that this. Many stime when a DOS game doesn't work, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a 16-bit program, it's because DOS games were allowed to access the hardware directly and that is not allowed in Windows. If the HAL (hardware abstraction layer) does not correctly translate a hardware call to a Windows API call, then the program crashes.

When the 16-bitness is the issue, it is probably because of memory access. Between the segment
ffset memory addressing scheme, EMS memory, and XMS memory, getting the memory calls right in Windows doesn't always work. Technically, according to "Windows best practices", a program should never even use a generic memory allocation function of a programming language; it should use the WinAPI call that does the same thing. Weird.

Finally, Windows 3.x was the end of the 16-bit Windows. Windows 95 and up are all 32-bit, even though Win95 through Me still had some DOS under the hood.
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