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Old P4 of any use any more?

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Hey guys, ive been offered a Dell 8100 with P4, 60gig, Linux etc for nothing. What could it be used for?

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Sure, take it, it could be useful as a spare rig, or for when friends/family. Or put a bunch of disks in it and use it as a file server
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Originally Posted by eseb1 View Post
Yup,it wouldn't be a bad little server for you
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Backup rig in case yours breaks, give it to someone young in the family for their first computer, server in your house.
Yeah definatly a taker. File server doesnt sound like a bad idea, maybe a nice case mod coming on???
I turned my old 1.7GHz P4 into a keychain.
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an old computer with a new dvd drive is just a spare dvd player, unless you have some kickass old games that you still play like me
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well my old pentium 4 with 2.8ghz, 1GB of ram, and a FX5200 serves me well as a windows 7 machine
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If your P4 has at least 2.0 ghz, upgrade the ram to 2gb, add a powerful AGP, and you have an extra gaming rig! you can use it when you have a Lan party or friends over.

You can also use it as a dedicated game server or HTPC if you buy HD 3850 AGP
i use mine as a backup and have folding running on it getting a whole 80 ppd lmao mind-you it is the very first p4 which socket 423 and is clocked at 1.7Ghz with some RDRAM!!!
Not mentioned: Folding/World Community Grid
I'd stick some hard disks in there and turn it into a server.

Originally Posted by ISB
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I'd stick some hard disks in there and turn it into a server.

give it to me so i can dry ice it
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Refurbish, clean and donate.

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1-Let everyone else use it so no one touches your rig.
2-Overclock it tell it blows! Maybe try to find some Liquid Nitrogen and a pot?
3-Put two, 1tb or 2tb drives in raid 5 and use it as a server.

4- Give it to me, I need to build a server!

If I was you I would take option 4.
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use it when selling your current rig in a few years
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