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Hello all ok i have 2x pc's well 3 including wifes the first two are shown in sig with only difference being the 2nd has a hd4850 not a hd5850 and the wifes has a 8800gts heres the problem games

farcry 2 dx10 (stutters/farme skips like mad) no lag tho
prototype (stutters/farme skips like mad) no lag tho
bfbc2 (stutters/farme skips like mad) no lag tho (lags on hd 4850 a little)
CoDMW2 (stutter/frameskip only for half a second every 20 seconds ish)
world of warcraft (stutters/farme skips like mad) no lag tho
C&C tw (stutters when scrolling)
DoW 1&2 (stuuters when scrolling)
Fallout 3 (lags whenever fps drop to 50)
boarderlands (stutters when v-sync isnt forced on though rivertuner ccc dont work)

thats all the ones i can think of at the moment the only reason i have 2 pc's i was replacing 1 bit at a time when these problems first started in the end i had enough bits to build a whole new pc and the problems are exactley the same on both all except world of warcraft works perfect on my wifes 8800gts system but not on either the hd4850 + hd 5850

all drivers are upto date temps are fine rams fine run memtest on all of them when i first get them, and here are the games that run perfect on hd 5850 system.

farcry 2 (dx9 all settings maxed)
just cause 2 demo
dirt 2
dirt 1
bioshock 1
bioshock 2
res 5
red alert 2
dead space

all these games maxed out.

i mean if all the games that dont work had problems in themselfs i would be happy but i read/see people with worse specs than mine playing them perfect am i missing something? doing something wrong? do i have a bad hd 5850 thats what i thought at first anyway but the fact i play so many games without issues and the ones that do have issues have them across 2 machines makes me think its not my card.

things ive tried

old ccc
formatting hdd
messing with ccc (application cont, high/low etc)
updating drivers+bios
checking gpu temps (using furmark for a long time)
checking cpu temp (using heavyload v2.4)
taking away OC on cpu + adding more OC.

i think thats all, any help would be great or even any suggestions...

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I can run GRID, BS1, JC2 quite well on Boot to the Head. First one at 1600x1200 medium and 2x/2x, the second two at 2048x1536xmedium high(I love Unreal engine, soooo easy to run). DX10, where applicable, is enabled.

The only other games on your list I have are BS2 and Dirt 2. Neither run. Dirt 2 won't even start, and BS2 is stuck in pauper's drop. Bah.
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