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Went home over winter break and my parents are selling their house so I had to clean out my old bedroom and ditch anything I didn't wanted. Had lots of project computers that I collected over the years that I didn't want to transport, so I stripped what I could and tossed the rest. Have a lot of old processors and ram that I'm wanting to sell.


Pentium 4 2.8GHz SL6WT
Pentium 4 3.2GHz SL7J7
Celeron D 2.8GHZ SL7NW
C2D 1.86 GHz SL9TA


Athlon 64x2 2.0GHz 3800+

For the processors the Athlon and the C2D were pulled from pcs being used. The other's were pulled from PC's in my closet that were working when I put them there years ago, but weren't tested before pulling.


Samsung 128MB M366S1723CTS-C75 1 Stick


TwinMOS 256MB MDSMCFL08108H244AZEW/T 1 Stick


Corsair 1GB VS1GB400C3 2 Sticks
Hynix 256MB HYMD232646D8J-D43 1 Stick
Unknown 256MB 1 Stick


Samsung 512MB M378T6553CZ3-CD5 2 Sticks
Samsung 512MB M378T6553BG0-CCC 1 Stick
Unifosa 512MB GU34512AJEPN692C4GG 1 Stick

As for the ram no idea which came from the two machines that were actively in use, I think the Micron x4 were and possibly the Corsair x2 were. From the same machines as the processors and the same deal, were put away working in my closet and sat there until I stripped them last week.

Would take $30 for the whole lot shipped.

Forgot I had this stuff! Unfortunately it all fell out of the padded box it was in while I moved and some of the CPU that have pins are bent (no breaks). Can't vouch if anything works or not. $20 shipped for the lot of 5 processors and 10 ram sticks. PM with questions or if you need this stuff, not really trying to make a bunch of money off it.

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