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Old Rig Possibility Questions

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my old rig had a 478 p4 3.2ht in it......a gig of cheap ram and at the time a fx5950 Ultra 256 in it.......which was the best card on the market, it beats the 9800, that's right I said it.

my question is what kind of rig would it turn out to be if the cpu is still alive?

Can I get a nice 478 board?

am I limited to agp?

I want to see what I can do with this, what used to be a nice rig is now collecting dust awaiting its next step......

Next step to the garbage? Next step to a htpc? Or better yet, possibly a folding rig?
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Well...the Egg only has 1 socket 478 Board available on their site here and it is a PCI-E board...so you wont be limited to AGP. I'm not sure of the quality of it - I know Biostar is somewhat unpredictable.
hmmm....wouldn't a pci x16 card be bottle necked?

say I decided to try that mobo, and I put in an 8 series of some type or if I'm feeling generous a 9 series.....would it be able to fold well?

hmm maybe the question I should ask is......is it worth bothering?

I know their are tons of guys out there that would put this chip to use......I know the only way I would really use it, is if I turn it into a folding rig........so I'm just trying to see if I should bother with it or just wait for more rep and try to sell it here....

I guess the nvidia-ati joke didn't catch....oh well lol
Theres a socket 478 to 755 converter link in one of our threads. DO a search for it.
That socket 478 mobo won't be good for OC'ing. Personally, I would just sell it or scrap it or something. If you want a cheap setup, get a Pentium D 775. They OC like crazy. I kinda wanna get one just to OC the crap out of, oh wait I one in my closet lol, just realized.

Originally Posted by coolaide View Post
Theres a socket 478 to 755 converter link in one of our threads. DO a search for it.
trust me I know, the search button and I have developed somewhat of a close relationship......

If I had known socket conversions were even remotely possible...........

edit: I searched and found one result that matched this topic. you made it sound like it was so popular.....


can anyone tell me if this works?
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it probably works, but you could find a pentium D 805 for $30-$40 and that is socket 775.
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