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I have existing (old) hardware I'm using in a garage PC build. This PC will strictly be used for performance tuning a car and I just want to make it look nice. I used to have a waterblock for my GTX560ti, not sure where it went.

Rather than furnish green for a new waterblock, I call upon your dusty shelves, your abandoned drawers, your exiled boxes of dilapidated hardware to bestow upon me a reasonable PCI E GPU that has a water cooling block installed already. I'd obviously not be very impressed with an 8800GT, but anything 200 series and newer would be great. I am not looking to spend more than $75 and certainly reserve the right to turn my nose up at an offer if it really just isn't to my liking.

Let me know what you've got!
Alternatively, I suppose if you have a waterblock (full coverage if possible) for a 560ti, let me know. God knows I can't recall the brand, I'll update this thread when I know more about the block if there's interest expressed in supplying me the waterblock I actually need.

I won't freak out if it does not come with fittings, since I'll be taking it apart anyway to clean it and will have new fittings for everything in the computer.
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