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So it was my 6 year old sisters birthday in may and my brother and I decided to buy her an older laptop so she could play her internet games(nick.com and farmville on my mom's facebook account). It was about midnight when i found a 70 dollar laptop on ebay and bought it. I didn't exactly consider the specs as I just wanted to get the laptop and move on. It turns out we bought a Pentium 3 laptop with virtually no ram and a corrupt hard drive.
Now my goal is to take the 3 old systems I have and just get something working that will browse the internet.

Laptop (won't boot to OS)(will run Linux from my usb drive though)
Asus Tangent
Pentium 3 MHz
64 or 128 MB ram
CD drive
hard drive should be clear after I removed Slax and tried unsuccessfully to put on Ubuntu, then puppy Linux, then damn small Linux( I got mac pup, a distribution of puppy Linux, to work off my flash drive)

My old P4 computer(best hope to get working)(also wont boot OS)
Pentium 4 at somewhere between 2-2.8Ghz
old graphics card
256 MB ram
2 fairly large hard drives(been a while since I booted into bios)
dvd drive
Ubuntu OS( also had a severely corrupted windows xp)

old computer my brother got for free from school
Celeron at 900 MHz
windows 98
64 mb of ram
no graphics card

Now because i think my best chance of getting one of these to work at a reasonable speed is with my old P4, i'll describe in detail it's problems. It worked fine with Ubuntu for a good 2 or 3 months and then it would just freeze before it even got to the loading screen. Eventually cleared the hard drive, now it's been about a year and I just looked into repairing it for my sister, When I turned it on I couldn't get to the bios. Just gave a loud beeping sound, POST I believe it's called. Anyway I have opened the thing up for now and cleaned it up a bit. i will due some troubleshooting tomorrow when it isn't so late and see what more I can find out. I have a lot more info to say but I don't want to type you guys a book so i'll stop this night's post soon.
I'm just hoping to get some advice throughout this project by consulting with the experts at OCN
. Well tomorrow I'll update this thread with pics and exact specs and as a final note, I don't have a lot of money and I am saving up for several things so the cheapest fix is welcome.

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Well i'm working on it right now, I found out the motherboard is a SOYO SY-P4VGA. I tried their site but google chrome says the webpage is unavailable. I also asked my aunt(who gave me the computer) and she said it is a intel celeron running at 2.8 ghz. I took a look at the heat sink and it appears to be loose, could this cause the cpu to overheat and shut down so quickly. I don't feel like dragging up my monitor tonight so I'll turn it on tomorrow. I am also posting a few pictures in like 10 minutes.
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