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Olympus D535 and RC's...

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I have the afore mentioned camera, and I also have one of these:

I want to take a picture or three of mine in action. I want to, in effect, freeze it in time, no blurring, catch the flying dirt, etc etc.

Now, I'm a photography noob. I know a few things, but as far as setting the camera for things I usually just settle for the automatic settings, and when applicable I turn my macro mode on. Beyond that? Point and shoot pretty much.

Anyone have any tips for me to set it where I don't end up with a 2048X1536 picture of a dusty blur?
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Enable macro function, get LOTS of lighting and use the lowest aperture you can (should be f/2.8), and use a pretty fast shutter speed (1/100) or something.
You're gonna lose some field depth with that aperture though, mess around with the settings till you get it right.
I don't think macro mode is necessary unless you're taking macro shots. For action shots you'll be limited by your camera. It doesn't have a full manual mode to set a fast shutter speed, nor does it have even a Sports mode on the dial. I would test it first on some other fast moving subjects (try panning cars on the highway) and see if the camera will set a high enough shutter. You'll need at least 1/100" to freeze something moving as fast as as RC truck flying through the air.
If you're outside on a sunny day you could go as fast as 1/500" or so. Get out there and try it out yourself, you're not gonna get any shots from talking to us.

Try to get as close as you can and use a wider zoom, for air or around a dusty turn, it would probably look better to get down near it's level. Go try it out and post results and we can poke you into a better direction if you're off.
As soon as I get a clutch bell in the mail to get it running again, I'll try to snap a few test shots, but that's quite difficult to do while also driving it. It's a bit difficult to control.

I'll see if my friend's up for cutting a few donuts with it.

On the normal shooting mode, it doesn't have much trouble freezing computer fans tho. It's able to freeze the 8,000RPM chipset fan on my rig just the same as the 1500RPM CPU fan.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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