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Omega vs Xtreme G

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K, so now what the hell is the difference between Nvidia's regular drivers vs Omega's newest ones, and Xtreme G's newest ones?!
Im lost here, because some people say performance, quality and other's but i dont know....can someone please explaion!
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Xtreame g drivers are made by the people at tweak force.com They are modded drivers of the original ones to work better. meaning you may get better performance. which means smoother game play. I have used them and I have no problems at all.


Xtreme G driver latest release was Feb 19, 2009
Omega last driver release for Nvidia was December 27,2007
I get a little boos from the Xtreme G drivers.

They are by no means anything spectacular compared to the WHQL drivers, but there is a bit of an improvement.

Omega's 169 drivers were some of the best modded drivers I used (vs other 169's), but they are way out dated as posted above.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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