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I feel a little bad. I said I'd post pictures, and it's been nearly 2 moths. Better late than never, right? Once again, a big thanks to all who helped me back then selecting parts. I used my phone on many of them, so not the greatest quality of pictures.

My pile of parts:

Free case from my wife's coworker(I'm about to paint it):

The free case helped me justify spending a little more on a GPU and a SSD. It's not the look I was really going for, but some black paint and acrylic got it closer:

The parts work!

Messy cables:

Not as messy cables(I manages to find a flat black paint that was noticeably different than the spray paint)

With acrylic panel. I am confident I would mess up the acrylic sheet if I tried to trim the back bit, so I'm am leaving it. My "not the same black" is barley noticeable with the window on.

And from a frontish angle

Those cable at the bottom are kind of ugly and I can't come up with a good way to hide them. I'm thinking about trying to put some sort of mirror down there to hide them and to show off the fan side of my graphics card. I have been unable to find pictures of others who have done something like this, so it may not be worth pursuing.

I have not played around with overclocking yet. Warm weather makes me want to be outside.

I want to put some LED lights in there. I plan on using something along these lines: http://www.overclock.net/t/1246458/easy-cheap-led-case-lighting I'm stuck between using red or their warm white lights. The reds would look neat, but the "warm white" looks almost yellow. I am a big fan of yellow. Any suggestions?
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