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I have a 480. I can't do sli but I can cfx.

There's a 7870 @ 1.05 GHz for $200 with free Tomb Raider & Bioshock Infinity at Micro center.

I was thinking of getting one now and another one later. From the benches 7850 CFX is a lot faster than a 670, so 7870s should be even better.

I game in 1680*1050 @ 120Hz.

Do you think it's a good idea? Thanks, looking forward to go back to AMD.

Edit: I must have looked at it wrong. The 7870 is $230. :-\

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I think you will be very happy with a 7870. It has an awesome bang for the buck and is cheap enough to make picking up a second for cfx tempting as well. Definitely go for it and get it running with everything you want it to run to see how it does. If its not quite up to par with what you want to do then grab a second. If it is then mabe stick with one and spend the money saved on something else down the road. I dont think you can go wrong at all with that card.

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Get the sapphire HD 7870 XT with boost . uses the Tahiti LE chip. 1536 stream processors at 975 mhz. 256 bit memory at 6 Ghz (192 Gb/s). 32 ROPS. Tahiti LE is 10% faster than HD 7870 based on Pitcairn. USD 245 price. USD 230 after mail in rebate. newegg has it for 250 bucks(235 after rebate).


Tahiti LE reviews


at stock speeds performs on par with HD 7950(800 mhz). easily overclocks to 1.2 ghz and matches HD 7970(925 mhz)

you can ask skatezilla for feedback on this card.

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