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Hello can you tell me this

I have a question before buying Onkyo Dp-x1 Japanese audio player
I love everything about it, is the Lamborghini of Audio players
in this price range.

My concern is the problem Onkyo had
with headphones jacks on older models
that later was fixed.

I am in Europe and i like to know
If this version the shop here sell is the fixed version
Model: DP-X1-B
Ean 4573243090269
is this the upgraded model with the headphone jack fix?
i dont want one with loose headphone jack
and that give audio distortion

I see there is two models atleast
Dpx1 and Dpx1a and now there is Dp-x1-(b)
whats the difference?

What was the fuzz about the audio distortion from headphone jack anyway
does it only afect streaming android audio apps over internet.
I am going to use it not as Dac only a Audio player on street
with Poweramp , i will not stream music through internet apps
will i still be afected by the headphone jack problem.

iIwill also only use the 3.5 headphone jack, not 2.5 jack for Dac and streaming
so i be fine?
Is dificult to get an answer from the shop before buying
they just answer they dont know
But then again there is 15 days return and 2 years warranty in my place.
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