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Basically, for the longest time I was running 4x2 1333mhz DDR3(rando generic from an ACER pc, not sure on brand). Was all working fine etc, a few weeks back I noticed that it was only being recognized as 4gigs, so I checked everything out.

Slot A1 and B1 work fine when used together, slot a2 and b2 work fine together, but when I have 4 sticks in a1&b1 say theyre empty and a2&b2 are recognized & 4gigs in windows. CPU-Z recognizes all 4 DIMMs being filled & so does my motherboards map thing of showing what slots on the board are filled(no idea what to call it xD).
I have tested each slot with each stick and they all work fine. I do not have another PC to test the RAM/any more RAM to test. I can't honestly think of anything else I can do.
I was just going to buy a 2x8 kit and use that but seeing as RAM here in aus is so expensive i'd rather not. :s
specs are in my sig, and everythings stock atm.

Sorry if I missed out on any details, sleep deprived. :<

Thank you!
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