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Opera vs. FF3 vs. Google Chrome on Asus 1000HE (results inside)

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On my cruddy work wireless network, I ran the Futuremark Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark on my ASUS 1000HE.

I run the XP Home Royale Noir theme, along with NOD32 running in the background. 1GB of ram stock.


Firefox 3.0.7:
Test 1: 99
Test 2: 101

Opera 9.6:
Test 1: 156
Test 2: 154

Incredible. Switching now.

EDIT: Added Google Chrome:
Test 1: 201
Test 2: 209

I will be sticking with Opera, I love the way it looks and at least its a happy medium between FF3 which I am so used to, and Chrome which looks boring.
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Try Chrome. I scored 210 on my MSI Wind with it.

I also like Chrome because there are no toolbars to rob my precious screen space.
I will absolutely and I will edit my post!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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