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OPINION: Intel Viiv is a Failure

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Read all about it here: http://theinquirer.net/?article=29849


Originally Posted by Charlie Demerjian

The funny thing is that every 'Viiv ready' part sold right now can never be made into a Viiv ready PC, you simply can't do it yourself. As a good example, take a look at the Shuttle SD36G5 and note the prominent logo and blurb on the main product page. This is not a rant against Shuttle, it was more or less paid to put it there, and it is free money, I am using it as an example and it is an excellent box other than that. Notice the 'Viiv Technology Ready' part.

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Why is the Inquirer written by the illiterate? Sorry, off topic, I know, but 90% of the articles from them are written by people who got F's in basic English.
But 99% of their info is true. And they do give me a typo headache...
I could swear that site is written and edited by Junior High School students. Other then that a very informational piece.
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