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Opps! made a bit of a mistake w/ the page file... HELP

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hey... so I was just wondering the last couple days why my computer was seeming slow when it shouldn't be... then I made the discovery today that Norton protection was monitoring my page file partition and some bit of HP software had decided it needed to put something on that same partition too...

well maybe I should back up. I have several partitions on my RAID array... the first partition is for the page file as the first part of the hd is always fastest...
then I have separate partitions for windows/basic programs and one for games and then one for just general files.

Alright, so here's a screenshot of what my partition looks like... I know I can get rid of the norton folder and the program file folder... but what about the other things... do they stay or go?

I turned off my page file alltogether... but why does windows still say that it's using the page file?
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You should have a look at this.
One other thing... Try re-enabling your swap file to the recommend fixed size and adding "ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1" to the "386enh" section of system.ini (you can get there by typing sysedit in "Start -> Run").
This forces Windows to use the swap file only when it has really run out of RAM. You should see the same marked performance as you are experiencing now, only the page file will be there if the system really needs it.

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yeah, I tried to play DOD:S... since you can for free this weekend and I was able to play for about 10 min before the game carshed and I got an error saying that windows was out of virtual memory. I just deleted what I could from that partition, defraged it and put the page file back on there.

I also added the line you suggested in the system.ini file so hopefully that will work. i just put it at the bottom so I think I did it right.
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