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Opteron 146 w/ ASRock Dual-SATA2

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Well I just ordered an AMD Opteron 146 and an ASRock 939 Dual-SATA2 Motherboard. I believe the CPU is the CACJE stepping, so hopefully I am as lucky as PCNerd. You can get them for $207 shipped from TigerDirect right now if anyone is interested. The 146 was damn hard to find, let alone near the $200 mark.

Anyone think I am crazy, and that I should cancel my order right now? Hehe, I sure hope not.

The ASRock motherboard only seems to have one frequent complaint and that is the on-board sound is crappy. Not really a concern to me because of my Audigy card. Looking at the motherboard forums there are several people who have used the 146 Opteron with this Mobo, and after the VMod they were pushing 3.0GHz. Sure hope I am as lucky.
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Just make sure you are using bios 1.2official or one of the beta bios from ocworkbench . If you ordered from tiger and ordered tray you might be getting a cabqe (3ghz at 1.55ish, 2.85 at 1.4vcore) . The volt mod takes 20 minutes max using conductive paint (rear window defroster kit from kragen) .

Good luck and remember , dividers are a must on that board as it only does 2.8vdimm max (my old one did something like 2.7).
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