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Opteron 165 or x2 3800

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I know this topic has been discussed before, but I need some last minute insight on a new build for me. I just purchased the Biostar Tforce6100-939 motherboard and from what I understand it has the maximum FSB of 300 MHz. This being the case here's what my maximum theoretical overclocks for each chip. This is best case scenario.

Opteron 165 (2x1MB cache)= 300Mhz x 9 = 2700Mhz
x2 3800+ (2x512MB cache) = 3000Mhz x 10 = 30000Mhz

Here's the question, which chip has the better chance of hitting the maximum over clock (300FSB) considering my motherboard. Right now I would buy the X2 if I was confident that if would overclock past 2.7 GHz. On the other hand if I knew the X2 rarely hits 2700, but the Opteron frequently does, I would but the Opteron in a heartbeat for its cache.

One last thing, I would be overclocking with the stock cooler for the first 3-6 months, then upgrading to a BT, Ninja or Zalman around tax time. Thanks for your input!
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You really should have got a much better motherboard... oh well.

If you're happy to pay a bit extra for the Opteron, then get that. The difference in cache has very little effect.
The Opty 165 Hands down...More L2. However apart from that its a great overclocker...Even if you get a DUD stepping.
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opty all the way
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Yeah Opty 165 all the way
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I'd get the Opteron but OC'ing with the stock cooler isn't advised. Especially not with the X2, how far do you want to take it? With good cooling and stepping the 3800+ can hit 2.8 GHz. But definetly not with the stock HS.
That MB should excede the 300MHz mark if it's a so a 9x shouldn't be an issue... most hit at least 320MHz.
There are several great posts on the BIOSTAR TForce 6100-939 including modded BIOS and other usefull info on OCing it.

Watch your full load temps carefully, you may not get enough cooling quality dependant on the vcore needed, keep below 50c... that is untill you upgrade

1 of a few great posts on that MB ... DruidsLaughter hit 320MHZ


His link to the modded BIOS, but thats up to you!
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the opty's aren't dissapointers, whereas the x2 3800 just might be. your best bet is to get an opty and then find a modded bios on the internet to help you achieve your top speed. but with the stock cooler you need to keep your vcore low. you can hit 2.4-2.8 GHz on stock voltage on nearly any opty 165 out there...
Its doubtfull he would even need a modded BIOS.
Get the 165. It'll overclock better, it has more cache, and besides, X2s are getting really hard to find.
Thanks for everyone's help. It looks like DruidsLaughter was able to overclock over 2.8Ghz with the same motherboard. Hopefully I will have similar luck.

What stepping should I look for? Fry's has a local store near me that I should be able to request a specific model. Their prices (Fry's = $165) are a little higher than newegg ($156 + free shipping) though. Once again, thanks for the help.
ccbbe = most consistent on 3 GHz......................
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You'll find a nice stepping over at tankguys. Also, if you want to go for the Opty 170 instead, they have two steppings (same as the 165 and another one. Both very good I think.)

I'd also like to point out that there are some very good X2's out there too. Mine is running @ 2900 @ 1,35v, and it's the temp that makes it stop there I think.

Edit: if you decide to go for an X2, make sure you get a Toledo.

Still, the safest would be opteron I guess.
opty 165 ftw!!
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