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Opteron 165 Overclocking

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Hey guys, my Opteron 165 has been ordered and it's on it's way (thought I fried my 3500+, then found out I didn't, and didnt' bother to cancel order cause I secretly want a dual core anyways).

So, I was wondering if anyone else has had any good results with this chip? I'm hoping for at least 2650 to match what I'm at now in terms of gaming performance. Does that seem attainable with my setup?

Something I've always run into problems with has been memory. Does anyone have any specific settings I should change in Genie? I heard something about Preamble being set differently or something...I dono. Suggestions are welcome.

Also, is there anything I should download? I know the dual core driver, and the hotfix. Anything else? Are there any games or apps that take advantage of dual core? Any patches for games/apps?

Thanks a lot guys. (I'll start a new thread when it arrives with the stepping and initial results)
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Just put together a box with a 165. Fairly painless to get it to 2.7GHz. Running the memory at 300MHz at 2.9v (manufacturer recommends 2.85-2.9 at this speed). 9x for the cpu and 3x for HTT. Had to give the cpu 1.45v to get it prime stable. It's going to make a nice video encoding box.
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