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optimizing my folding (help)

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OK so I have two rigs available to fold on. One is the GF's rig that has a 8800gts320 (doesnt oc well) and a E3110 (8400) at like 3.5ghz.

My rig which has a decently ocing 8800gts320 and a X3220 (Q6600) at 3.4ghz.

So I have gpu folding on both rigs, and 1smp instance on the quad rig. So

SHould I run smp on the dual core rig as well?

Should I run more then 1smp client on the quad rig?

Oh and would like to add that the gpu client on both rigs generally never really uses the cpu's at all.
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Yeah should run 2 SMPs on your quad. Just make sure to allow enough cpu usage for your gpu or it will eat it your PPD up. Set them to different core affinitys. Run smp on the dual as well.
When installing them I said yes to unlock affinity lock or whatever it was. Do I still need to play with affinities, it seems to spread out the work to all four cores.
I believe there is an option in advanced options to set the affinity. Or what I did was set the usage for smp to 95% because my affinitys wouldnt work and that doesnt hurt my ppd for GPU2. So if you have 2 clients set each one to 45~47% usage each and it should be fine.
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run VMware Linux SMP clients on all the rigs... 2 clients on your quad, one on the dual and run GPU console clients on both rigs 8800GTSs. then use Prifinity to automatically set and enforce a higher priority on the GPU client cores. and that will maxamize all your ppd

check this link out for more info on linux VMware SMP
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