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Options for upgrading

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I got a couple of options to upgrade my GPU.
Currect Card : EVGA gtx 260 216

I can:

Step up to 285 for 100

Step up to 295 for 220

Buy 1 or 2 gtx 280's for 220 or 410 for both, sell gtx 260

Trade gtx 216 + 220 to a friend for his EVGA 295

Buy a gtx 260 192 at frys for 150

Whats my best option for max performance @ 1920x1200?
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Easy, buy another GTX260. You'll get the same performance as the 295 for alot less money.
i could also buy that card at 150 and step it up with my current.
Get another 260.
2 votes for a second card. I guess in the future i can go 3x sli lol.
GTX260 SLI. GTX260 is a 182w GPU so your PP&C 750w has plenty of power.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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