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Opty 144 vs AMD 64 3000+

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Alright, so I could get an Opty 144 with CAB2E 0546UPMW stepping for $180 USD and then S&H or I could get a AMD 64 3000+ with unknown steppings for about $140 USD and no S&H.

Which would you suggest?
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Originally Posted by kevin_tsoi2000

Where you getting your processor from? I got mine for 176 USD shipped. but then again, your in canada...

Some guy off of another forum I go to.

tytlyf, I'll look into that and see if the motherboard I'm going to get has that.

Well, I'm not sure tytlyf, it says Front Side Bus 2000MT/s HyperTransport interface, but it also suggests a few DDR600 RAM sticks, so to actually use DDR600 well, would the FSB need to be 300?
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