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Original Xbox resolutions

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Hey I have an original Xbox, is there any way I can get 480p/720p/maybe 1080p? I'm using an ATi TV Wonder Pro to play it on my computer (so I have VIVO for composite video and coax for my inputs) and I hate having interlaced because it looks like crap on my computer. Any help will be appreciated
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You need to go into the settings and tell your XBox what resolutions your TV supports. I'm not sure if it autodetects the presence of the digital connectivity pack or not before offering the 480p/720p/1080i options, so you might need that even for output to a PC, I'm not sure. If so, I don't know how you would plug in the component video cables into your video card, vid cards all see to have s-video in if anything.

It's up to the game to output resolutions higher than 480p. Of all the games I've played, none have gone above 480p. (My TV does not support 720p, so I might be missing out a little.)
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