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OS compatability

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will XP let me take full advantage of 4 cores?
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you more or less have to worry about which apps/games/etc but yes XP will let the software use the 4 cores.
Your OS won't limit your cores as far as I know. The programs you force you to run a certain number of cores. CPU intensive programs might use up to four, others will only need one or two, depending on the stress put on the CPU.
yep but itll only let you use 3.5 Gb of RAM if its the 32 bit version. IIRC, XP64 will let you use more, 8GB?
cool, thanks, I have 4, I would run vista to free up that last GB, but it would bog down my graphics and processor. does 64bit XP let you run all the software still?
Yes most 64bit compatibility issues were resolved years ago.
probably just EOL hardware/software you have to worry about these days. but thats not the OS's fault =)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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