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OS which requires the fewest resources?

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I just need a basic OS, doesn't need to have all the the flashy stuff.

Basically, just a shell and the ability to connect to a network and access the internet. I figured, I'd just end up getting a stripped down linux distro, but which one would be best?

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My dad's got SUsE running on his old PII400 laptop with 192MB RAM. It loads faster than his windows XP partition does. Looks good, and has a lot of built-in features and programs. Comes with some addicting games, too. My dad tried Ubuntu, but he hated it. Didn't support about half of the hardware in his lappy and the screen was all messed up. My personal favorite has always been Red Hat 9.0, but that's getting very old now and I haven't seen too many places with it avaiable for download. Fedora and Mandrake are also supposed to be good. I tried to install Mandrake, but I couldn't get it properly partition my HDD. Seeing as you have an IDE drive, it'll probably work. If you want something that's dirt simple to install, try ARK Linux. It's one CD, and you just push two little buttons to install it. Then you sit around for an hour playing Tetrix (not Tetris). The interface is nice, but it does have issues with some graphics cards.
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