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Thought I would post here vs in the Mac section.

Ok I will keep this short. My gf's computer is a late 2011 Macbook Pro with Lion on it. I use a Early 2009 with Mavericks (ssd and 4gb ram).

She is having constant connections problems no matter what it seems I try. We initially at her place had the comcast modem/router she rented but when I moved it recently I swapped over to my system which is a Zoom modem with a Netgear WNR3500L w/ Tomato and this system has been rock solid at my old place and is rock solid here for me now personally now. I have no had any connection drops ever and my wifi speed is ok but not great. My xbox is connected via ethernet and is solid also.

She on the other hand just cannot keep a solid connection at any point, she gets drops almost every minute now it seems. I have read up on the wifi concerns with Lion and have exhausted those options but nothing seems to work. She is at her whits end with this all of course. I am thinking of installing Mavericks on her comp and seeing how that goes as I can not think of anything else to do.

Anyone have any more suggestions or any data I can provide for help. What I do notice is her comp searching for wifi a lot and I have put our connection as #1 and removed all her old connections she does not use. I have also set a static IP address with DHCP but this does nothing, I then put static DNS to which it would not even connect to the internet so I had to revert back.

I am not a networking expert I can get along enough with my simple Tomato setup and keep a connection in my own house going but I can not get her Mac to keep up with it.

Someone help so I do not have to sleep on the couch!
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