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Out of town and I think my house just had a brown out

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Not coming home until Saturday. Fantastic -_-
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Lesson learned..... Set BIOS power setting to Always On.
Oh that sucks.

Agreed with Duckie, if mine ever turns off for any reason it will boot back up.
Also you should have some remote monitoring system just in case its something else.

Give HFM or Logmein a try.
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Toliet? Is that my dear buddy form JPF?
I never set mine to come back on. If the power is on the fritz I do not want to have it come back on then it go down again. Sure I lose folding time but its better than losing my hardware.
I had my computer restart on me today while I was at work....Finally decided to add my shortcuts to my start up folder so when my comp restarts they start right back up...
Yeah lesson learned I suppose... There were complications with my mom's neck surgery so I had to catch the first flight out of town. Didn't think to set it up to reboot.

@Iris, yes
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