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Overclock a celeron 2.50 GHz CPU

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As u can see I a newbe so I need some help in learning how to over clock. I've been reading up on it but I'm not sure whats good for my setup. I kind of need a walk though on the whole thing. But something I can understand ya know? Anyway, one question I have is that if the BIOS tells me that the speed is 100MHz and My processor is 400MHz does that mean i need to change the speed in the BIOS past 400MHz or does it so the speed differently for a reason? Do u know what I mean...

I read this in another thred

2) Intel CPU’s are “quad pumped†internally (Intel’s word for the process). What this means, I couldn’t tell you exactly…something along the lines of frequency multiplication. What this equates to for the end user is the front side bus will be ¼ the CPU’s advertised bus speed. If you have a 400 mhz FSB CPU, in BIOS it will be 100 mhz stock FSB speed. If you have a 533 mhz FSB CPU, in BIOS it will be 133 mhz stock FSB speed. Etc etc.

And i Guess i dont understand if I increase the FBS speed from 100MHz or just shoot it up to 400MHz... But im guessing you do it from 100.. i dunno.
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Ok ill go for it.. but i tried just off the bat to go to 133 and my computer didnt let that fly. I know for the setup i have.. it sould be able to handle it but it didn't. Oh and last post it didnt show my computer stats. Does it always do that? or is that cause i messed with my signature... How do i turn that back on?
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