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Overclock help on e8500

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hey guys, I overclocked my e8500 to 4.0 ghz well in the bios I got the multiplier at 9.5x and the fsb is at 420 I believe. Well when I run prime95 and occt it dont get past 2.5 ghz on the scan, and it shows the multiplier at only 6. Currently the vcore is at 1.344 volts is what it is showing in cpuz. My rig is in my signature, and I have provided a screenshot of occt with it stress testing and also one with cpu z so you guys can look, and maybe you guys can help me figure this problem out so I can get 4.0 ghz instead of a downgrade to 2.5.

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This can be fixed by disabling the following so-called "limiting" features in the BIOS:
  • Anything to do with "Spread Spectrum"
  • Anything to do with Intel Speedstep, Enhanced Intel Speedstep, or "EIST".
  • C1E Enhanced Halt State, or Enhanced C1, or whatever has "C1E" in the name.
  • Even the Thermal Control, which should have options like "TM1", "TM2", and "TM1 & TM2".
Disabling all these should help you get the most out of your overclock. You can even experiment with Load Line Calibration, or "LLC". This messes with the vDroop, which is when the voltage "droops" under load. With LLC enabled, the vdroop can either be eliminated, or even reversed. So, be careful because if it's reversed, then the voltage will increase upon load, so a compensation must first be made. But experiment with it.

And just in case, there's also something called vDrop, which is when the voltage is lower than where you set it.
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thanks man for the advice and help bro it fixed it with no problem now it is running stable at 4.0 ghz, rep +1 man for the help, thanks I had no idea that those settings would affect the overclock, but thanks man I was kind of starting to get pissed at it b/c I was like how in the crap can it be running at 2.5 ghz, lower clock than the stock clock on it and it is susposed to be overclocked to 4.0 ghz lol, but once again man thanks for the help and rep+1
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