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Overclock Intel Celeron d315

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Hi guys, i'm new here, but i have some problems to discussion.
First, i need to overclock my processor, is an intel celeron d315, 2.26Ghz, Prescott. More details about processor click on the link!


If you can see in picture, these are my processor, and i will need to overclock him.
Now, my pc details.
Video Card: Ati Radeon 9550, 256mb/128bit AGP8x. With last update of driver.
Ram: 2Gb DDR, 2x1GB Kingmax 400Mhz.

I wait from not all users, but a lot to post here about my pc and overclock. Aaa, and my motherboard is from Elitegroup Services(ECS), and is 661GX-M.
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Go to the bios and go frequency/voltage control and i think you change the clock control to manual and up the cpu frequency
i used frequency/voltage, and i up the cpu freq but i restarted the pc and do not appears anything
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i checked cpu-z is uped to 2.64, but i up to maximum, the pc need to reset cmos :O
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