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Hello, in my system i have Kingston Valueram 1333Mhz 4GB x 2

So i decided to overclock my memory to 1600mhz on 1.6v

Everythings looks to be stable at the momemt, no errors in prime and memtest.

But i'm wondering now, is this safe? I upped the voltage from default 1.5 to 1.6v and is it now possible my memory will go dead in x- weeks? 1.65 also worked but i did the lowest.

The temps... it is basic memory without heatsinks, but i think my case will provide enough cooling?

Offcourse i benched the memory and in AIDA this are the results:

Default: 16835 MB/s
Overclock: 19112 MB/s

Default: 20067 MB/s
Overclock: 20853 MB/s

Default: 18607 MB/s
Overclock: 21117 MB/s

Do you guys have any advice how to improve performance, or should i just revert all settings to default? For the sake of better lifespan?

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DDR3 chips are rated for an absolute maximum of 1.975V, even chips made for 1.35V normal operation, That doesn't necessarily mean you can run at 1.975V forever, but the chips will last a long time there, and 1.65V is perfectly safe for the memory.

Heatsinks are totally unnecessary for unbuffered, non-ECC DDR3 because it generates so little heat and has a really high maximum operating temp. of 85C. The vast majority of retail memory comes with heatsinks because it's a marketing gimmick to differentiate what are actually generic products. I also believe heatsinks are used to hide the fraud fact that the chips behind them are overclocked.
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