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Overclock not posting at one specific voltage - will post at anything lower/higher

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So yeah, title is pretty self explanatory
It's the rig in my sig, it was all running fine up until these past few weeks. I've had this OC for the better part of a year, and it's always been at the voltage which is now 'unusable' 1.3125. Any other voltage, however, is perfectly fine. The computer will post and what not, but it's not 100% stable if it's lower, so at the moment it's one notch higher than 1.3125.

If anyone could shed some light onto why this is happening it would be lovely.
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What bios revision/cpu start up voltage are you using and are you sure the start up voltage isn't on auto? What error do you get? Overclocking failed? No response from bios? Messed up screen?

Sorry if this wasn't much help but GL and what temps you got with that 760 and what fans are you using on your h60?
F11, znc current voltage is 1.32 V a the moment. It's not on auto.I can't even get it to post at that voltage. I also get ~65C on all cores when I'm Priming and ~68 when I use IBT.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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