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overclock the pcie

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so what does that get me? i have the ability with my board to raise and lower the pcie so when i do does that do anything for me, make my graphics card any faster? lower any lag? any thing, also what are the chances of it being unstable i have it raised by 5% atm but it seemes to be stable but i haven't run any tests
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I first saw PCI-E OCing with the eVGA 680i motherboard. The bios would actually OC the PCI-E by 25% automatically when running a NVIDIA 8 series card (this was implemented with the launch of the 8 series). But there were so many problems with running the PCI-E OCed, that eVGA later removed the feature. I would say it isnt really worth it to OC the PCI-E. But 5% shouldnt do any harm.

The feature was called "Link Boost":


In addition to its loaded networking capabilities, the nForce 680i SLI also supports LinkBoost. This feature was left out of the nForce 590 SLI for Intel processors, but it's made a return in the 680i. LinkBoost cranks the speed of the chipset's interconnect and PCI Express graphics links by 25%

Update: NVIDIA actually removed the feature, not just eVGA:

Here is an article about "LinkBoost" and the affects of OCing the PCI-E:


Admittedly, performance gains from this feature were rather limited and almost impossible to test effectively.

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I beleive it increases the speed of the bandwidth between the card and the lane, not as effective as overclocking the Core, Shader and Memory of the Graphics card.
card itself is overclocked as far as it will go unless i slap a water block onto it to get rid of the excess heat
pcie adjustment with X58 can help increase your max blck. It's one of the reasons why bloodrage owners including myself have modded our boards for higher pcie adjustment.

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card itself is overclocked as far as it will go unless i slap a water block onto it to get rid of the excess heat
Trying to squeeze every drop of performance out of the PC are we?
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Just thought about this... would that boost speed for cards in lanes limited to x8?
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