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As I have got problems raising the FSB on my MoBo (not higher than 214 :O ) I have tryed many windows utilities for raising the FSB - And they have worked.

But I'm looking for a utility that loads a profile at startup (so it raises my FSB) or at least, an utility that has many overclocking customizable profiles, gaming, iddle, you know....

I have tryed clockgen and systool, but they haven't got this capability. Any other? Thanks a lot!

P.D. The utility which came with my MoBo sucks, It can't do sudden changes without blocking my PC completely.
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Could you give us a little more info on your RAM? Is it a single 1GB module or 2 x 512MB? What are your timings, etc...

Have you only tried using software to change it? If so check your BIOS settings. Don't just start changing values in there if you aren't sure what they are -- come back here and check it out if you're unsure of something. If you do mess it up and your computer will not POST (turn on) then pop the CMOS battery out for about 15 seconds (this is all it takes -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise) and you'll be back in business with the default settings.

Good luck!
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