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Hello members and guests of overclock.net!

Welcome to the first ever (That I'm aware of) auction on overclock.net!

In this thread, we will be taking hardware donations and auctioning them off to be donated to the American Cancer Society in honnor of Syrillian, as discussed here.

  • This is a "casual" auction. We don't have the infrastructure to make sure it runs 100% perfectly etc. Please don't be upset if the site goes down as you are making your final "bid". We are not an auction house.
  • If you have hardware to donate for the auction, please PM myself or any other staff member and they will make sure the item gets to me. I will be storing and shipping items from my location and we will be documenting buyers and sellers. I will not list any items until they are in my posession.
    *Note* Very large or fragile items may be shipped from the original owner to avoid unnecessary damage in transit.*
  • Hardware wlil be accepted for auction until April 20 and must be verified working. PM ENTERPRISE if you wish to donate.
  • Shipping is not included for most items. Check the second post for shipping info included in the listing
To place a bid:
  • This is a semi-silent auction. We will post the item for sale and the current high bid. To bid on the item, PM ENTERPRISE with your bid amount. I will update the bid in the OP accordingly.
  • To win an item, you must be the current high bidder when the auction ends. Auctions will only last 24 hours so pay attention. We are not responsible if your last minute bid isn't submitted by the time the auction ends. Bids will be confirmed by the timestamp included with the private message containing your bid.
  • There is no limit to the number of bids you may place. If you see the price is higher than your current bid, feel free to bid as many times as you want. *NOTE* The bids you place are going to be considered your max bid at that time of bidding, if you are outbid then you may bid again. Current Bids will be updated as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot offer an automated system like Ebay.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie at the end of the auction, you will receive a PM indicating this asking if you wish to increase your bid and if so, by how much.
  • The winner of the item will be contacted via PM and will be posted in the 3rd post of the thread.
Winners will receive instructions via PM on how to pay for the item they purchase. Items shipped from my location must have shipping funds sent to me before items will ship. Most items that will fit will ship in a USPS flat-rate box for my convenience since I canprint labels directly from Paypal.

Please remember this is for charity and to keep things professional. Have fun and happy bidding!
Half the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and the other half go to the Community Folding Project to help fund new folding systems in honor of our friend.

List of upcoming auctions

Please visit the link below to see the upcoming auction items. The below link will also detail the WINNER of each item and when the winner has had their item shipped to them. I have set this up for ease of information and peace of mind, check back frequently as new items will be added. Get that money ready!


I will always update the Winners and OP with bids when I receive them as soon as possible.

We will accept new Hardware Donations from members for the Auction up until the 20th of April. If you wish to donate. Please PM ENTERPRISE and we will get it all setup


Item Winners

Congratulations, Winner of the Lian Li V2000 is kremtok
Congratulations, Winner of the Soldam Windy case is †Blade†
Congratulations, Winner of the 9800GT is triangle
Congratulations, Winner of the Q8200 is sparkplug188
Congratulations, Winner of the Appliqué pack is shnur
Congratulations, Winner of the GTX 285 is jason4i7
Congratulations, Winner of Antec 900 is XPD541
Congratulations, Winner of the RES and Coil is Onions
Congratulations, Winner of the A-DATA DDR3 is Zulli85
Congratulations, Winner of the Syrillian Techstation is Onions
Congratulations, Winner of the Custom Aluminum Case Feet is Onions
Congratulations, Winner of the Cooler Master V6 is Taz_Man
Congratulations, Winner of the Lian Li Rocketfish is Isopropyl
Congratulations, Winner of the GTS 450 1GB is Starbomba
Congratulations, Winner of the AMD 720BE CPU is Kaoz
Congratulations, Winner of the EK RES 250 is Isopropyl
Congratulations, Winner of the Coolermaster 2 Advanced case is [email protected]
Congratulations, Winner of the Corsair H70 is Starbomba
Congratulations, Winner of the Ultra Kaze fans is XPD541
Congratulations, Winner of the NCIX Gift card is SKI_VT
Congratulations, Winner of the Hardware Bundle is XPD541 Congratulations, Winner of the Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive is Lostintyme

All auctions are now complete. Thanks to all who participated !

Winners, Please PM ENTERPRISE your shipping info so that it can be passed to the relevant person for shipment.

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Current Item: *NEW* Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive set Shipping paid for by winner. International available
Starting: $5
Current Bid: $15
You must put "Thermal" in the subject line of your PM to ENTERPRISE containing your bid. Otherwise, it will be ineligible.

Auction start: 10:00 PM BST, 2.5.11
Auction end: 10:00 PM BST, 3.5.11


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Man that case is amazing. Want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!

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It's a beautiful case and I'm surprised you're donating it. Who ever wins it is surely going to enjoy it.

Just waiting to see some missing pieces before I can build a folding rig. I rather buy through this since the money will be going to a good cause rather than someone else's pocket.

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Originally Posted by kremtok;12837490
Come on everyone! Are you really going to let me take this gorgeous case for only $150?

(It's all right to say yes!)
I was thinking the same thing

I thought for sure it would bring minimum $250.

Only a little less than 12 hours left! Get those bids in!

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Alright to link thread to other forums? Just an idea.

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Originally Posted by shnur;12838156
Is it just the picture or the front looks pinkish? I'm torn apart by this amazing deal... even though I just got a case a few months ago...
I think it's just the angle and lighting. If you look near the top, it's darker. Definitely a gorgeous case though.

I don't really need anything, but I'll keep an eye on this thread.

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What you're seeing can best be described as blow through. When it was powdercoated some of the powder bled through the holes in the front. I chose to leave it alone because id rather see that than damage the case trying to remove it.

The red is 2 different colors. The motherboard tray and hotswap bay were anodized red. The rest was powdercoated a transparent red that has the stock silver under it for a red chrome look. Very nice looking in person.

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