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overclocked e6550 on a p5kc

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hey guys i have been using this forum for a few days gathering info and what not, thought id post where i was at i just overclocked my 1 and 1/2 year old pc, im a general overclocking nub and so this was my first time. im also a poor student!

i have an e6550 running on an asus p5kc,
2 gig of corsair msx2 (fcrappy promos stuff though),
650w psu (forgot if its branded)
and an ati radeon x1950 512mb
im running under vista (yeah i know i need more ram and the graphics card is still enough for the resolution i play at)

i have an e6550 which for some reason was throttled/underclocked at 1.8ghz before i started but i have boosted that to 3.2ghz with my ram now running stable at 920mhz and the most it would poll at was 475fsb (15 more than what im running stable with now).

my bios settings are vcore 1.35 (in bios but i get vdroop to around 1.28 or so), dram voltage is 2.1 with memory timings 5-5-5-18 at a 1:1 ratio the usual **** turned off, vtt at 1.5 i set my nb to max which i think was 1.7 or 1.9. my core temps are around 39 idle and 60 under max load from p95 running on the stock cooler (will be replacing this soonish).

anyways just wanted to see what you think and if you have any ideas as i have hit a brick wall with it now (could probs lower my vcore though).

thats all i can think of for the min but it is quite early! (7am lol)
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I think you hit a wall because of your memory modules. To eliminate this you could drop the CPU multi and raise the FSB, then run memtest from a bootable CD or diskette.

But generally, the P5KC isn't a very good board to OC as well.
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