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Overclocked great but sata Problems

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I hav got a nice overclock on my k8n neo 2 platinum with my amd 64 3200
processor. Its runnin @ 2.5ghz with a 3.3 % increase in vcore Cpu is rock stable reaches 47c-48c on prime 95 runnin for 6hrs. This is how i done it

htt multi 4x
fsb 250
timings 2.5 3.3.8
vdimm 2.8
bios version 1.9
the problem im having is my sata drives r not happy for some reason. i think the sata controllers r reading curruted data.
when just my ide hd is connected its fine. When i put the cpu to its normal speed its fine

Any ideas guys?
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Thanks for the reply guys its definately not a driver issue.It seems to be a bios or overclock issue. I have 4 sata drives only 1 out of the four work when overclocked which is sata3
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