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Hey all its me again
Im wondering how far i can push a 5770. I can get 1060 on the core at 1.3125 volts no worries
Got an accelero twin turbo on it.. playing L4D2.. Loads at 55 degrees!!! the highest i seen is 70 on a hot day. The max voltage msi afterburner allows is 1.350 volts. Is there a way to go higher? I would love to get 1100mhz gpu
The ram on this card doesnt like going past 1350mhz or the screen "blanks out" needing a hard reboot. I heard there is no point going past 960mhz on the 5770 coz of the 128bit memory interface. True? I woulda thought that would only affect memory access.

Sorry for The longish post.. neeed to be careful
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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