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Overclocking 6600gt's In Sli Mode

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Ok, just swapped everything out a few days ago and added another card...,now before the swap I could oc 1 card up to 585/1150, now with both cards in SLI I can hardly oc them at all..510/1050...so my question is, does the SLI stop the oc factor?? Or am I just missing something??
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bump...come on guys...any ideas???
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Because SLI run both cards to the slowest clock of either card

Card 1: 585/1150
Card 2: 510/1050

SLI will put it at Card 2's speed since that's as high as it will go...also the cards might act different in SLI even if Card 2 can run faster by itself

If your other card can't OC to 585 then surely SLI can't run like that.

What you should do is test both cards. Put the other one in and find it's max OC, then put the other in and do the same. Run it in SLI and manually clock it until it says "Test" Failed
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