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Hi guys, I need help with my issue.

I've got an Asus HD 7950 DC2T V2, and I love it to death, best card I've ever owned. However, I'm having issues overclocking it to 1200. Its seems to be stable, I can game on Crysis 2 for around one hour, however after one hour things get a little weird. It starts to begin downclocking, like going from 1200 to 900 and then 1050 and then random core clocks randomly. Its clocked at 1200 at 1.25V.

I thought it might be because I don't have overclocking enabled, so I entered the MSI afterburner sentence and changed the enable overclocking to 1... which then turned my screen into flickering every 10 seconds and left my core clock at 500 rather than 300. I tried two, this time even worse. No flickering, but it forced 1200 core and the volts and memory too. Not good for life, and temperature.

Anyone can please help me? I hit around 73 degrees max with the awesome DC2 cooler. I would love some help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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