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Overclocking a 3800+ x2, questions for new rig!

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Hi all! I'm new to Overclocking.net and I have a few questions for this community. I have been all over other forums and review sites reading about parts and prices and I have settled on an x2 3800+ because it seems to be the best bang for the buck. What I am curious of is this, what RAM would you guys recomend for this processor? I am getting the ASUS a8n-Premium SLI for this new rig and a 7800GT. I have looked at different RAM sets and I am a little over my limits. I don't know much about RAM timmings and the overclock settings of these new processors. I was rather successful with the Athlon XP 2500+ 3 years ago, so I'm here to learn how to get the most out of my soon-to-be new chip much like I learned about the old one. If you guys could, please leave recomendations of RAM and some FAQs or documentation to teach me about RAM timmings and overclocking this chip on the a8n.

If you need more info about other parts I am getting, feel free to ask. I'm still getting a shopping list together for this new rig so nothing is set in stone. I'm trying to stay in a $1500 budget and I need almost an entirely new system. Recomendations there would help too. (PSU's, HD's, Case) I have picked my MoBo, CPU, HSF and I am keeping my 120gb PATA Maxtor and my NEC DVD-burner, which are the two newest components in the old box. Also, I think the XFV GeForce 7800GT (Factory OC) is a good and much cheaper bet than an ATI 1900XT. Also, I will be able to use SLI when I can afford an extra card later on, giving me 512mb and 2 VPUs running around 450mhz each. I'm not going to use the PATA drive for running apps, I picked a Raptor 10k RPM for that and am using the 120gb for storage.

If you guys could offer this guy some help, that wopuld be kickin' rad.

If not, ignore my newbie arse entirely.

Thanks in advance!
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