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Overclocking ASUS GL552VW

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hi, im traying to OC my gtx960m But i've got a problem.here is the step i've done

step 1 : get the bios

step 2 : get the vbios with MMTool

step 3 : customise the vbios with MaxwellBiosTweaker :

step 4 : update the bios with the dumped vbios :

step 5 : flash the new bios with winflash (/nodate) :

in english it mins the size of the bios is not correct.

thanks for the help
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Welcome to OCN megatoto. I'd second TheReciever, you could also try NBR.

IMO you could have done a lot worse and asked at Tom's Hardware where the overclocking and laptop experts might have told you something like "You cannot overclock a laptop, it will create so much heat that it would cause spontaneous combustion of Earth's atmosphere and the end of the world". Or something along those lines.
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