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Overclocking combos.!!

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hi guys i m currently runnin my cpu at 2.5 but is unstable..but i do play my games fine, my current settings are 250 x 10 @ 1.5Vcore but i was wondering to get a stable overclock would lets say 240 x 12 @ 1.5vcore woud that give me omre of a better sable overclock..but i';ve seen weird combos like 275 x 9 and stuff and wasy someone hit me up
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lower fsb + higher multiplier helps with stability. higher fsb decreases stability =)
The 3500+ has a multi of x11 by default. Thus, x12 won't be possible (you can only go down, not up.. it's locked. BIOS might show higher multipliers, but when you select them, it will default back to x11).

Otherwise, luckii is correct
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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