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Overclocking Confusion

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So I've overclocked my 3700+ SD CPU to 220 Mhz, (it's not much, but it's something) in the BIOS. Then, when I go and check my CPU clock, it says that it's only clocked at 2.2 Ghz???? Shouldn't it be something like 2.4 Ghz??? I saved everything I did in the BIOS but it still shows up as 2.2 Ghz with 200 Mhz.

So, can anyone tell me why this is happening?
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Ok, I've downloaded CPU-Z and checked out my CPU clock. It's still 2.2Ghz...
Even in the BIOS when it says it's clocked at 220 Mhz. Also, i've been using AI Booster to overclock my CPU, i've noticed that it starts out as 2.4Ghz (Where it should be) and then jumps back down to 2.2 Ghz, Ok.....Oh, I've also had my case changed a few days ago and back then my CPU was clocked at 2.5 Ghz, but after I got it changed to the one i have now i've been having this problem since. I don't know how it could affect my CPU but i just thought i should bring it up. BTW i didn't add any new components, just a simple case switch.
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