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Overclocking CPU

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Im ranked NOOB right now...........

What is all needed to Overclock my CPU? Just a better heatsink and the knowledge of overclocking?
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And a good chip and a little bit of luck, but not much else. But I would reccomend you beef up the knowledge aspect quite a bit before attempting it. I did about 8 hours of research before I touched my CPU, and still didn't understand everything.

Your HS/F is fine. It's one of the best out there.
RAM is a big determining factor as well, since you need RAM in order to have everything function properly, sure the brain can be fast as hell but if you cannot translate the power into something then it's useless

As of now I'm stuck where I'm at in my OC due to my RAM only being able to go at most 240MHz (234MHz stable), I'd have a faster system and a close 1:1 divider if I had better RAM

DDR500 is good for an OC'd system but can cost a pretty penny for the good stuff @ 2x1GB sticks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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