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Overclocking Dual Rank on z690/12900k

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Hello all.

Any ideas on how to set RTLs on MSI Z690-A Pro DDR4? I am stabilizing/tuning my RAM. I found an entry in BIOS to set RTLs. However, the settings do not seem to hang on in Windows. They remain the same value. If there are any tips to help stabilize DR... please advise. So far 4133 is stable at these timings in testing. I am able to post at 4200 and 4100 but not 4133. 4100 is stable, 4200 is not stable.

Vcore 1.40 v
VDDSA 1.40 v
VDDQ 1.45 v
VDIMM 1.58 v

Many thanks,


12900K X/Vietnam SP unknown(obvious reasons)
MSI Z690-A Pro DDR4
G.SKILL F4-4000C14D-32GVK
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have had big problems with it on my z490,but only with 4x, it works better with 2 mem
you have 3 options and it's not auto/fix, can't remember what the last one is called, but it's the one you should use

to more MHZ ?
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I've never had to change this setting for any of my ram overclocks. My DR kit does 4200CL16 no issue, which any good bin of DR Samsung B die / Mircron E die / Hynix DJR should manage. Micron & samsung DR kits need around 1.5-1.55v, DJR needs 1.6v for 4200CL16, and so long as the latter isn't the cheap low binned 3200 kits.

Hmm maybe I ought to add that stuff to my sig so I don't have to keep reporting it.
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