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So yeah, straight to the point.

I was having a bit of a faff about with my clocks yesterday, got them up to 3.8GHz stable no problem, but I hit a bit of a barrier -

I had it running at 4.2GHz, but whenever I went into anything memory-intensive I would get BSODs (most prominent of which being the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT 'your RAM is humped' message) so I clocked it down. I had the multiplier at 13, which seems to be the highest it would go, but my PC would fail to POST after about 315MHz Bus speed...

So yeah, hit a brick wall at 3.8/3.9GHz.

Any idea how I can unlock the multiplier/achieve higher bus speeds?

  • CPU on a H80 push-pull configuration
  • RAM rated at 1866MHz (Corsair Vengeance)
  • CPU Voltage is 1.25v stock, amped to 1.575
  • RAM Voltage is 1.5v stock, left it to be.

I'll be happy to supply any more info!
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