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Overclocking help

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First off, I want to overclock my HP Pavillion a6235x, one of the newer models, made in 2007.

This is the system specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00 GHz
Memory (RAM): 3.00 GB (3070 MB)
System Type: 32-Bit Operating System

It's currently running Windows Vista Home Premium.

I want to try overclocking it to a good speed, not something that would overload my computer, but something that would allow me to run programs, and the more demanding games faster.

Here's my questions:

1.) What's the speed I should overclock to?

2.) Should I do it in BIOS (Which to me sounds like the safest method, as I don't really like messing inside of my PC)

3.) Is there anything else I'll need to know?

Thanks to all who reply, or give suggestions!
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The speed you should overclock to depends on your system, over all. The fact that you have an OEM system, with likely a stock cpu cooler, pretty much negates any possible overclocking for you.

You need to research and get as much knowledge as you can here on OCN, and then later build yourself a custom rig with a mobo that has overclocking potential.

Overclocking through the BIOS is the most common way, although there are some programs that allow you to overclock through windows. I recommend doing it through the BIOS though.

Messing around inside your PC has nothing to do with overclocking.

I hope this helps you out.
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Miki, great suggestions!

Hypokill, welcome to OCN

If and when you decide to go with a new build it shouldn't be that expensive. Most of your parts excluding the motherboard can be transferred over. It's probably advisable that you replace the power supply that came with your HP. A new motherboard, case and power supply would probably be your primary purchases.

If this is your first time venturing into overclocking then I would recommend going over this AM2 overclocking guide. It's in depth and very helpful: http://www.overclock.net/amd-general...ocket-am2.html.

As you continue to go along with your new build, I'd recommend adding your system here. This will help eliminate all the, "what are you running ect" questions.

Good luck
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